How important it is to note down the attendance of your students, employees and other staff? Something which helps you in calculating when it’s time to give them salaries; in schools, students are rewarded with some gifts or certificate for regularly participating in the school activities. In order to note this you need to have a time sheet.

What is Time Sheet

Now what exactly is the time sheet? Well, this is just like attendance sheet, but with a little difference. The attendance sheet has the record of monthly basis while this time sheet is set on a weekly basis.

For keeping a record of your employee’s working hour details you can use a time sheet template. This template is effective for all kinds of businesses and organizations because keeping a track of the working hours of your employees is very important for several purposes. This sheet plays an important role in making the salary sheet of the employees and to prepare incentives also. It keeps a note of the working hours, all overtime hours along with total hours in order to record total working hours of each employee. Organizations can prepare this sheet according to their requirements.

Some may need to prepare it on a daily basis, while others use it weekly or monthly too. Usually the management authority of a company makes use of this template for preparing such sheets containing their employee’s details. You can download a time sheet template instantly and make use of it whenever required too.

Preview image of this Time Sheet Template and download link can be found as below.