What is a Tenancy Agreement?

This template is used by an owner to include his terms while giving his house on rent to a tenant. A tenancy agreement form allows you to create a professional agreement statement that will be authentic and legal as well. It enables you to present all your conditions and policies before giving the hold of your house to a tenant. One needs to be extremely cautious while giving house on rent these days as some tenants cause troubles if you do not bring your terms into their notice beforehand. Thus, you need to make everything clear before giving your house on rent that is where the need of this agreement template becomes clear.

How to write a Tenancy Agreement

What exactly does it consist of?

Well the tenancy agreement format consists the detail of the renter; his name, contact information and his previous address, wants to have the house of owner’s name, his address, his contact information. This agreement last long for 12 months and so they mention in date from which the house is given on rent and the amount at which it is given. As soon as the agreement is signed, your confirmation on giving and his confirmation of following the terms and conditions stated.

Now what terms and conditions do the agreement contains?

It includes that the tenant has to clean the home regularly. If he has children, then they won’t paint the walls. You have to give the rent on time. When the tenant leaves, the owner has to see if they have damaged something, then the owner has the right to deduct the amount. Lastly, this agreement can be renewed every year as along as the tenant stay. Make sure you have copies with you that are authorized by some legal authorities.

The template provides space to include your terms upon which both the owner and tenant would agree and present their signatures. This will make your tenancy agreement template a complete legal document for ensuring no confusion between the owner and his tenant.

A preview image of this Sample Tenancy Agreement Template and download link can be found as below.