Have you ever signed a partnership? What does it consist of? When two people or two companies decide to take their business to the next level, they sign partnership agreement.

What is Partnership Agreement?

Simple, it is a document in which certain terms and condition have been highlighted upon which both the parties unite and work together.

What are the terms and conditions?

Generally, both the partners agreed that the money they are investing in a project, if it gets succeed, the profit is divided among them, which means they are equal partners and both will share 50/50 profit. And unfortunately if they lose, they have to bear the loss together.

This partnership doesn’t limit itself to one extinct, but it spread to a large sector. This includes dealing in shares, import/export or normal business deals. So likewise you need to sign this partnership agreement form in order to confirm your participation throughout the signed tenure.

How to write a Partnership Agreement

This template is used to make partnership agreement between two parties or individuals who are willing to share business entities. A partnership agreement template is valuable for the fact that it contains all the necessary details that needs to be mentioned in such agreements. The names, contact details along with the signatures are to be mentioned in the template first.

The body of the template consists of some other important details regarding the contract, including the value of partnership, investment contribution, management, profit and loss sharing and partner’s account information. Hence you can create your agreement statement in a very professional way with the help of this partnership agreement sample.

It covers all the details that are required to be included in such agreements. The terms and conditions that are settled between both partners can only be maintained with the help of such templates to avoid any kind of confusion during the partnership.

A preview image of this Sample Partnership Agreement Example and download link can be found as below.