What is Loan Agreement?

This template is used to settle the terms of a loan between the borrower and lender. A loan agreement form contains the absolute value in terms of loan settling, as you need to create proper documentation in the matters where money is concerned, so there can be nothing better than a ready-made template that has been created keeping in mind the requirements of loan agreements.

How to write a Loan Agreement

You need to mention the full name along with complete address and contact information of the borrower and lender. The body of template consists of sections including promissory note, loan payment terms, payment methods, defaults and cure of the defaults. Fill-in all the details properly will make the agreement very authentic for any kind of legal proceedings. Even though it is not possible to make any changes in its format but still you can change the content information in the loan agreement template according to your preferences easily.

Preview image of this Loan Agreement Sample and download link can be found as below.