What is Salary Survey?

For evaluating the compensation package of your employees you can use a salary survey template. The template includes sections to include details of the employee in the header such as his name, gender, age, job designation and experience along with his qualification. The survey sheet requires you to answer some questions regarding the compensation package at the body of this template. The questions are based on your salary details and the bonuses that you get. Thus, you can provide answers freely in this template. The name of the person preparing this survey sheet along with his signature and date appears at the end of a salary survey template.

This survey form is to be filled by an employee and you can make use of the ideas presented by your employees to prepare salary package for them more easily. The best thing about this template is that it can be downloaded free of cost from the website and can be edited according to your choice as well.

Preview image of this Salary Survey Template and download link can be found as below.