What is Project Schedule?

If you want to record the estimated project time to complete a particular project, then you can make use of this template. A project schedule is important for every organization for keeping a track of the time that will be required to complete it which can be created with the help of a project schedule template.

How to Make a Project Schedule

This Project Schedule Example created in MS word format contains all the necessary details like the tasks associated with that project, the title of that project, the duration of your project, starting and ending date of the project along with some other related information. This provides you specific sections to enter all the project details in each column easily. The name of the person approving this project has to be mentioned in the project schedule template along with his signature. Although the template is simply formatted but its layout is extremely professional that makes it easier for you to record your project details effectively.

Preview image of this Project Schedule Template and download link can be found as below.