Do you list out what you want to do and how you want to do before you start working? Most of the people believe it’s very important, and if it is, then how and what purpose does it serve?

What is Method Statement?

Well planning out your work details is known as method statement. Now this statement covers what are the task you are going to do, how many people with it compromise of, at what time will it start and what are problems that may cause during that task and what can be done in order to resolve it. So like all little detail is included in this statement. It’s good that you list out it, so that in the end you didn’t miss out any of your tasks. Since when we are performing, there is so much pressure that most of the times we forget things, there this document helps you to remind.

Further, it also organizes what task can be done first and what can be done on the second. So either way you are also saving your time. In addition to it, this method statement making habit isn’t only applicable in professional life but it also implies in personal life, when you go out for groceries so you can list out what things you have to purchase and accordingly you will take the cash and make your move effectively.

Now when it comes to a professional method statement, you need to highlight; name of the contract, name of the client that is dealing it and the one with whom the deal is set. The name of the person who is making this statement is also mentioned along with date, time and location. Now it also compromises of what the task is and what are the steps. Where the problems will come and how that can be solved.

How to write a Method Statement

For the completion of your projects you can use a method statement example. This statement is often termed as a safe system of work. This template covers all the issues and problems that are associated with a particular project. The persons involved in completing the project evaluate those issues with the help of this template and hence work to resolve them for ensuring the success of the project. The statement includes the name of the project in the header, the body of the template provides you specific sections to enter project background information, implementation as well as site control details. It provides you space to write a disclaimer note as well. The name of the person approving this statement along with his signature appears on the method statement template as well. You can also customize the template according to your requirements also for necessary changes and make it more effective for your project.

Preview image of this Method Statement Format and download link can be found as below.