What is Job Sheet?

You can note down the specific tasks associated with your job in a job sheet template. An employee fails to complete his assigned tasks if he does not have his job sheet prepared. It is important because it includes all the functionalities and enables you to perform them accordingly.

How to Make a Job Sheet

That is why you are required to keep a Job Sheet Format with you to create your job sheet whenever required. The details of the employee are to be written at the top and the preceding columns include headings such as the date, start and end time for a particular task, regular hours, overtime along with total hours. You can also write down the weekly totals at the end. Thus a job sheet template can be extremely beneficial for you as it enables you to complete your tasks on time. The best thing about this template is that it can be customized according to your requirements also.

Preview image of this Job Sheet Template and download link can be found as below.