What is General Ledger?

The finance and accounting provide the basis for many operations in an organization and make it sure that the organizational setup should move on smoothly. This is done by accounts management with the use of certain managerial tools. The balance sheet, general journal and the ledger are one of those tools that are frequently used in accounts management. The general ledger format in fact covers lots of these managerial tools by offering space for each one. The ledger is of real use and value in accounts management and we cannot just deny the value and worth of general ledger in handling and managing accounts in professional manner.

The general ledger template is just designed in this regard and it can let you construct a ledger in no time. The template is a ready made ledger and can directly be used, but it also lets you bring accordingly changes and adjustments with its editable property.

A preview image of this General Ledger Example and download link can be found as below.