What is Excel Dashboard?

A dashboard is frequently used to arrange the data in a way that can be sued in further processes. The dashboard can be of various types depending upon the need of the hour, it can be an HR dashboard, a program dashboard or a project dashboard. It provides core idea regarding a project or a program by providing the insight into it. It lets someone get the benefit of the information in the best way and let one decide on the base of that information.

How to Make an Excel Dashboard

Now considering the excel dashboard example as a guideline that helps you to shape yours according to your project. There are many templates and samples that are available online. So grab your piece today and make yourself more professionally.

The free excel dashboard is presented hereby and it can be used in many versatile situations after a bit of editing. Its versatile yet flexible format lets you feel at ease by getting adjusted in many situations. You can use free excel dashboard template by editing its manuscript in proper way. It allows its user to edit its content in accordance with the need of the hour. Moreover its’ absolutely free and it allows its users to execute its content without spending any penny. In this dashboard, you have a lot of options as mentioned before, it includes; different charts and a small description that is at the corner of every chart.

Microsoft excel has benefited a lot of people in collecting and managing their data. It provides a lot features like charts, graph bars, pie charts, more than one option for sheets and so on. So it’s like it is having too much information all in one place.

A preview image of this Free Excel Dashboard Template and download link can be found as below.