What is Cash Receipt?

For keeping track of all your cash transactions you can make use of a cash receipt template. It covers all your cash details effectively, which you may require to note down on a written document. Cash matters are extremely sensitive to handle and if you do not provide written receipts to your clients or customers then it can put you in trouble in future as well. Hence it is better to bring every deal regarding cash issues on a piece of paper.

How to write a Cash Receipt

You can create or write your own cash receipt by using the following sample. This template provides you a formal look with details like a company’s name along with all its related details and the receipt number in the header, whereas the body contains information like amount of account, received the payment and balance due etc. The signature of the person who is responsible for preparing the receipt through cash receipt template is to be provided at the receipt for making it more authentic as well.

Preview image of this Cash Receipt Template and download link can be found as below.